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Australian Growers?

Amy Gardner

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Hi @KAYY and welcome to 420magazine! :ciao: :welcome:

It is a great community of growers here. Don’t hesitate to holler if you need anything. Are you finding what you’re after so far?


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Hiya :yahoo: Found this site while researching google, great there is an Aussie section.

Grow 1, was pretty good, apart from thrips, got 150g from 6 autos

Grow 2, so far not so good, still its not a loss but the girls are not as large, and i still think there is a gnat issue though much less.

Both of the above grows haven been in Searles Advanced Premium Potting Mix 12month fert, i read that autos dont like slow release ferts etc

IF, and i doubt they would Bunnings could get in Searles Organic Potting mix which sounds good, but could be a bit hot for seedlings, and only1 month of feed, but then could add to soil or liquid fert maybe

Searles Premium Organic Potting Mix is a premium grade potting mix containing a unique blend of selected organic ingredients. This organic potting mix is boosted with:

- 5IN1® Organic Plant Food Pellets
- SeaMax® Fish & Kelp
- Blood & Bone
- Potash Bloom Booster

This premium blend of organic and natural ingredients is designed for sustainable and organic growing of potted plants. This mix has excellent water retention properties while also allowing ideal drainage, providing the right conditions for your loved plants.

- This mix contains sufficient organic fertilisers for up to 1 month of plant growth.

- Available Size: 30 & 50 Litres


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Gday lighttworker.. Dockers or eagles? Aussies here, come and go but you'll meet plenty of growers that will either teach you a thing or two or appreciate what you have to offer, so dont be skittish.. jump into threads that interest your growing and enjoy what the site has to offer..
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