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Authorities Find 100,000 Marijuana Plants

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Authorities in Texas have discovered more than 100,000 marijuana plants in what officials say is the largest seizure ever in the Dallas area.

The crop was found on a 5- to 7-acre plot, where some plants had grown as tall as 7 feet, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Sunday.

The plot was found in the woods near the Dallas and Grand Prairie border. The property is owned by Oncor, a utility subsidiary that says it is doing everything it can to help with the investigation.

Authorities found sleeping bags at the site, which was three miles from an area middle school, the Star-Telegram said. Officials began removing the plants Saturday.

"This is the largest outdoor grow in Dallas history," said Jim Capra, special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency's Dallas field office. "It's pretty significant."

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