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Authorities Investigate Marijuana Grow In Western Sioux County

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The Sioux County Sheriff's Office is investigating a marijuana grow along the Big Sioux River.

The sheriff's office said the grow was reported by hunters who found it Nov. 15, while hunting near the river about three miles north of Hudson, S.D. Officers found approximately 500 marijuana plants, fertilizer, gardening tools and weed control chemicals at the grow, according to the sheriff's office. The estimated value of the marijuana is thought to be $500,000.

At the scene officers cut down and destroyed all the plants and removed multiple garbage bags full of trash. Authorities do not know if the site was abandoned. Officers said they believe the suspects may have been scared off and did not return.

The investigation is continuing into the persons responsible for the grow operation.

Officers from the Sioux County Conservation Board and the Rock Valley Police Department assisted the Sheriff's Office in the clean up and removal of the marijuana plants.

Source: Sioux City Journal
Copyright: 2007 Sioux City Journal
Website: Sioux City Journal: Authorities investigate marijuana grow in western Sioux County
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