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Authorities Seize $3 Million Worth of Marijuana


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Authorities have seized nearly a ton of marijuana from a man camping along Interstate 80 in west Omaha.

Deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office searched a camper along I-80 east, near the 96th Street interchange, on Wednesday afternoon after seeing its license plate was partially obscured.

The sheriff's office says a drug dog sniffed out 90 packages of marijuana _ some wrapped as Christmas gifts _ which together weighed 1,940 pounds.

The street value of the marijuana is estimated to be more than $3 million.

A 28-year-old Utah man was arrested, and the U.S. Attorney's Office it trying to determine what charges to file.

Authorities seize $3 million worth of marijuana - Ap-state-ne - The Columbus Telegram - Columbus, Nebraska's Community Newspaper


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you seriously didn't hear of this? it was about 96 street. the estimate as always is way over! they value each p at about 1600 if you do the math. ehh commerce, that would be expensive as all hell!
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