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Autism: Israeli Study Finds Cannabis Safe & Effective Treatment


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First, a link to the published study:

Real life Experience of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism: Analysis of Safety and Efficacy

A medicine that gives moderate to significant improvement to 80% with this condition is unheard of - until now.

This is an early study meant to show cannabis is well tolerated by most, safe, and effective.

Reference is made to several other studies establishing the endocannabinoid system's role in autism.

This study used both CBD and THC, with a heavy lean toward CBD, though some study participants did get higher doses of THC. The dosing was quite individualized (no standard dosing). This is both a strength and weakness in that while each can tailor the dose to what works it is difficult to say that any one dose or even formulation works.

This is promising early research and more is on the way.


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Thanks for sharing!! I in turn was able to share it with my wife who as a behavior analyst works with autistic children.
Thanks, Sctanley007. Cannabis has been a miracle for my child and family.
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