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Auto Big Bud

How big of a box would I need to grow this plant that can get up to 3 feet tall. What would be the best light cycle for this particular plant any one know? Should I FIM or LST this auto fem big bud? Do I need to FIM or LST if I do a Scrog method?

Wild Heart

New Member
Use a 2 gal for autos and just let it do it's thing. You might want to lst it a little but do not and I mean do not top or fim it.


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I would use a five gal. I would suggest a 5'/4' or 5'/5' box your hood and hangers will take a foot and your pots will take another give or take. I think with auto flower a full spectrum or Hps work. 400w will work. You might want to try an LED if where you live is really hot. I think autos grow to fast to do trimming I could be wrong. I think a single kola plant would be the way to go.
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