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This has been an amatuer grow for sure. Im enjoying learning but it hasn't been without headaches.I very nearly killed her with the first flower feed. Had to flush her heavily. All her leaves were drooping but she came back from it. I'll probs get some setback but oh well live n learn. I'm gonna step up to high output cfl's soon and give her some real light. So far this setup has worked pretty well, but she needs more light now I think. I think Ill go photoperiod next time lol
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Upgraded my lighting and it seems to be paying off. Starting to see pistils on most of the tips now. And man oh man does she drink lots of water. She's just drunk her entire pot in one day.
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Well I bought an 85 watt grow light (cfl) and placed flouro's for side lighting.
Cool !
Looks light u got surround lighting
I started in a similar way with cfls
Took the plunge and bought a 315watt cmh and never looked back
Really good lighting not much heat and great plants using my cmh
Good prices on amazon
Never went the led root when I bought do to state of crap advertising online at that time and also alot of failures reported
Appears now leds are improving but still evolving
Happy growing and eventual harvest !
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