Auto Blueberry - 90W UFO Tri-Spectrum LED - Please Advise


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Auto Blueberry

From Expert Seed Bank


100% coco = No pests


Hydrococo Natural Rooting Powder
Hydrococo Grow
Hydrococo Bloom
hydrococo PK Boost


Bottom feeding all plants, only when coco has dried out

Water = Tap water left out for 3 days then PH'd to about 6

Seedling - Rooting Powder
Veg Week 1 - Watered = 1x per week
Veg Week 2 - Watered = 2x per week
Veg Week 3 - Hydrococo Grow = 2x per week
Flower Wk 1 - Hydrococo = 2x per week
Flower Wk 2 - Flushed = 1x @ PH 6
Flower Wk 2 -

: 24/0

Desktop Computer,

3x 26watt - C.F.L 5600k = 4500 lumens,

5x PC fans,

Temp = 22-27c

: 20/4

Fish Tank Cupboard,

1x 90watt - L.E.D Tri-Spectrum UFO = 90watts total output,

3x PC fans,

2x 26watt - C.F.L 2600k, (for back up if needed)

Temp = 20-25c

Still to buy:

-Humidty Monitor (ordered)
-USB Microscope
-Carbon Filter

This plant grew slow whilst in veg as I could not check the PH level until flowering week 1, but I put her under my flowering l.e.d and the same day white hairs began to grow and were showing at all budsites by day 2! :)

Then she may have had PH lock out as she's got really yellow at the bottom and bad marks on all leaves now :(

She was in a party cup so I have now transplanted into a bigger pot to see if it helps?

Need your help plz 420 crew !

Hi, thanks for the response!

Yes I have always done bottom feeding.
The last image (above) was blueberry just after being watered in a party cup where it vegged,
Then transplanted it to a bigger pot (toolbox)

I Think the flowering cupboard may of generated a bit too much heat whilst being constructed, causing the feed to evaporate before the plant eat.

Do you think I should give it one more grow feed before I start bloom feed for more nitrogen?

Thanks for your help
Hope all is well in your world.

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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