Auto Buddha Syrup 6.2oz booya

Pics would be nice too. I watch TV on this screen so rarely if ever watch videos. Lots like them so it's just me. :)

So, the math was wrong. Wet weight minus 78% is most always correct, but Buddha Syrup is dry and weighs....

7.4oz!!!!!! AMAZING. That is from one plant that shared the light with other plants.


OH, man I am happy. I found two large nugs just chillin' in my hanging rack, tight up against the edge. I didn't see them because I got the nugs out in the dark, with just a dull head lamp. I just noticed them as I was vacumming the rack. THey weigh

almost 14 grams. That brings me to 7.9oz from one auto Buddha Syrup Booya!!!
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