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Auto Fem Northern Lights Barney's Grape. Advice For Best Possible Grow


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Hey i have just purchased some auto fem seeds, northern lights and barneys grape just wanted some advice/info?
Best lighting schedule,6500k for whole grow or switch t0 2700k for flowering when to start fertilizing,Soil; fertilizer enriched or plain potting mix and any other advice to get the best possible outcome. i only have limited seeds so need to get right the first time.
. the top picture is of the blood and bone enriched soil and the other is the setup i will be using also going to add more cfls if neccesary i will only be growing two plants at a time TIA


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Generally most people don't top autos, but it can be done.

I had some NL autos last grow and they burnt very easily (pretty sure from N). I'd be careful with the nutes. I did read somewhere that some people don't give any veg nutrients, just go straight to flowering 4-5 weeks in.


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You'll need a good PH meter, I'd suggest better nutrients as well, you're not growing Tomatoes or Vegetables.

I would ditch the foil, that can create hotspots and burn your plants.

For Autos I'd run 18/6 or 20/4 the whole grow, your choice.

A mix of 6500K and 2700K bulbs would do you just fine (Example 3 of each bulb, 6 total)

And a 40x-60x magnifier or scope to harvest correctly, according to trichome color.

I see at least 4 pots, how many did you plant?? With more plants running, you're going to need a lot more light, or be satisfied with less than optimum results from multiple plants.

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The B bulb is for aquariums that have photosynthetic corals. May/may not work effectively for Cannabis.. Not sure on that.

6500K is the most common color temp for Veg, and 2700K for flower. If this were my setup, I would buy a couple of each, and run 2 6500K and 1 2700K during Veg, and 2 2700K and 1 6500K during flower.

I would use the CFLs as supplemental lighting on the top/side angle, and would top the plants, and LST them to grow flat.

But if you have a ton of CFLs/fixtures, I would switch it up, and use the CFLs for overhead lighting, and the tubes for my sides.

How much lighting do you have that you can use right now?
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