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Auto femenized Setup: 250W HPS small closet - auto Somango Widow & auto Blueberry


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Hi guys,

Hope everything is doing well with all!

Im posting to show my setup and share with others:

I have 2 plants with 0,50 cm with 44 days.

|auto Somango Widow|

Génétique: Somango
Rendement: 350 - 400 g
THC: 15%
Intérieur: 60 - 90 cm
Extérieur: 90 - 120 cm
Floraison: 60 jours
Récolte: Abril a Noviembre

Mine right now as 44 days, flowering is starting today :)
5 weeks until harvesting..

IMG_20140117_190904 - Copy — Postimage.org

| auto Blueberry |

Feminized cannabis seeds
Life cycle 10w
Production M
THC percentage7-14 %
Indica Dominant

Mine is 44 days since seed, and start flowering 14 days, 26 days to go.
2 weeks in flower
5 to harvest

IMG_20140117_190939 - Copy — Postimage.org

Food setup:

Vegetative Nutrients
(every time I water, per litter of mineral water)
2ml Grow Explosion
1 tea spon batcohemp

Flowering Nutrients
4ml Top Bloom Explosion
4ml Bloom Explosion
1 tea spon bactobloom

Light setup:

250W HPS gro&flo
33.000 Lumens

before flowering 24/7
since flowering 18 hours light, 6 night.

substract and vases

batmix from plagron (with bat guano)
14 lt vase

Room setup:

room — Postimage.org

2 m2
27º C
60% humity
Desumidificator with 2 silic packages
no fan right now.

2 vase grown plants
3 vase 2 weeks
4 vase waiting
total 9 vases

any sugestions, questions, critics, please just answer this topic, I would love to share my experience, and get some from others.

Best regards and smokes!
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