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Good evening, all. I am toying with growing some auto's for the first time. I have grown a few plants, some good, some not so much. What I was looking for was a point in the direction of any good auto flower journals that give me a good idea of what to expect in terms of nutrient requirements, lighting and lighting cycles, size of plants, etc. I don't just want to stick a seed in the dirt and hope for the best. Thanks.


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I'm not saying my journal is the Bible on growing autos. But check mine out (in my signature). A couple of the people that are following along are also doing journals. You'll see in mine that I did nutes too early, suffering a major setback. Also check out catman12 (following mine also). He was more paitent then I was, he waited until a few days ago to do nutes, you'll see his look much better than mine.
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