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Auto Flowering seed questions

woods brother

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I have always wanted to try auto-flowering seeds just for kicks and giggles, but time constraints are making them more attractive. I have read :reading420magazine:a lot of conflicting info and would like an experienced grower to drop some info on me, and everyone else.

Basically I have heard give them light and in the predetermined breed specific time they go through their life cycle and I get bud with little effort. I want to use a barn I have set up on one of my properties that I can sow and walk away from till harvest.

What I have... a 24x12 barn with all the necessary power, water and accessories. I would like to set up and walk away till harvest. Will the plants grow to maturity and bloom if I leave the lights on 24/7?:rollit: My system is set up for veg/flower with timers and all that other fun stuff, but to be honest I have a ton of work going on and just don't have time to tend a garden right now, but I have a sick family member who goes through a lot of grass and I want to keep her out of pain till the end.

Final inventory, large grow space with a lot of hps light, good ventilation, climate and humidity control, large containers, automated watering system fed from well, automated fertilization, automated sprayers for bugs, cameras to monitor tank levels, lights, plants, fertilizer, ac/dehumidifier, ect.

Please drop some info on us.


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Re: Auto flowering seed questions.

i wouldnt do 24 hours of light an its not a good idea to just set it up an walk away for 2 months lol anything could go wrong

Farmr Jane

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Re: Auto flowering seed questions.

I have just started to grow some blueberry autoflower and i am not expert but have read a ton online and most say to run 18/6 like normal. Also the plant needs rest like everything else and does certain things at night it doesn't do during the day! The autoflower basically means it will go from veg to flower on its own with out being light induced, but is recommended to switch over to a 12/12 light cycle like a normal flowering period. Hope all is well! Glad that MJ has helped another with there pain!!


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Re: Auto Flowering seed questions.

hey may not go to bloom on the first day. if 24-7 how would they know it is not just a very long day ( you've had days like that)


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Re: Auto Flowering seed questions.

Once you get some pretty ladies growing, You could never stay away. They will lure you back...


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Re: Auto Flowering seed questions.

This is an old thread, but Id like to share some of my thoughts on Autos Seedlings.

The first thing I have seen is the Taproot of an auto is much more aggresive than photo's i have grown. It gows deeper and faster. Ive had them come out of the bottom of a party cup in 2 days! Be prepared by starting in a finishing pot and try not to transplant.
I have transplanted autos but any Shcok can reduce yield significantly so unless your very confident, dont do it.

I have not seen any signs that autos are more sensitive to nutes than photos of the same size. Ive fed various nutes like foxfarms and Doggett and Simpson and had no issues with nute burn. :wood:

LST is not completly out of the question. Donpaul.p has suggested by knowing the lineage of the strain and which plants grow the tallest, LST can optimize budding. Ive used a SCRoG style grow one one plant (NLxBBang auto) and had success.

24-0 is not the best schedule. When Breeders advertise 60 day finish, thats just what it is--advertising. They grow in SOG systems filling a space with many plants and run 24-0 for the Fastest Finish possible. I believe 18-6 or 12-12 is far superior for a person growing a few autos.

Im not somone who has grown 100's of autos under scientific testing parameters. But Ive grown a few and seen with my own eyes so of the 'Myths' about autos be untrue. Hopefully some growers who have more Autos under thier belt can chime in and help.


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Re: Auto Flowering seed questions.

hey everyone.. i have grown a Royal Bluematic.. i started at 24/7 with the light 400w mh..a month into it, it started to flower.. 2weeks from that it blew up.. i started feeding it nothing but bloom formula turned the light to 12/12 and i got dry 3 ounces... i am now grow 5 autos.. and none of them are growing like the bluematic.. i even have another bluematic going.. its way bigger than my first but its still not flowering..it is just shy of 2 months.. the other autos are just shy of a month.. they are.. NL, NLxD, afrodite, BCN Dizel... I'm thinking about turnin the light to 12/12 once they are a month old see if i cant kick in the flowering stage. i have a few photos ill try to get them up
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