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Auto Flowering Strains


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Okay, I'm growing a single Strawberry-Blue strain that I got as a freebie in my last order. I distinctly remember not ordering any of the auto flowering strains. But the freebie must have been. I planted the seed in some moist soil but nothing happened so I let it sit for a few weeks. Then I soaked the soil again and viola, on Friday the 13th of last month, it sprouted. Okay so that's been just under 30 days. I have had the seedling in some Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil...more about that later. I transplanted the plant into a very large pot just one week ago anticipating to make a 6 footer with twin colas. I've been keeping it under 24 hours of fluoro lighting and it's done well. This morning I decided to top it and make a clone from the cutting. After I made the cut and placed the cutting into a grow block I saw the tale-tell signs of pistils. I got out my 30X mag lens and sure enough, there they were. Pistils. Okay, great it's a female but why would this thing show pistils at only 30 days and having been under 24/7 lighting unless it's an auto flowering strain.

Now to make the best of it, I'm hoping to get the thing to grow much bigger before it plays out. The Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil it's in is, as usual, loaded with Nitrogen. I can tell this because the plant has that very healthy look and it's leaves are as dark a green as you can get without turning black. The clone seems to be doing well in its grow block inside a plastic dome and it too is under 24/7 lighting but that just started this morning. It too already has pistils showing.

Can anyone offer advice on this. How can I make the plant keep in veg state for longer since it's already showing pistils? I hate to go to all the effort of a full grow just to get an ounce or two. It's in a big pot which should allow to easily get past the 4 ft height but I'm afraid it will end up only 12" tall and the yield will be low.


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Man...thats the whole point of Autos...they have a predetermined life span and will flower no matter the light cycle. From what I hear most do not top Autos due to to much stress on the plant with such a short lifespan....
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