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I would like to invite you all to my first grow journal. I am still a newbie and still learning everyday. I have been growing for about a year and have always grown auto's and always very pleased with the results that i get from them as i only need enough bud for myself.

Saying that i have got a free photoperiod seed that i have started outside, i may post some pics off her at some point.

I will be reporting on my to auto's that i am growing at the moment, so here are the details of my setup and everything else.

Tent and setup? 2ft(w) 2ft(d) 4.5ft(h) 4" RVK Outtake Fan And Carbon Filter
What strain is it? Auto Seeds Purple Cheese(auto)x1 Afgan Kush Ryder(auto)x1 aka AKR
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Purple Cheese Is Indica,Sativa,Ruderalis AKR Is Indica,Ruderalis
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Purple Cheese is in flower for 13 days(42 days old in total) AKR Is In Veg 3 Days Old
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Plant Magic+
If soil... What size pot? Purple Cheese in a 11 litre plastic pot, AKR is in 10 Litre Air Pot
Size of light? Top Led 'Old Model' 100x3w On A Light Cycle Off 17/7
Temp of Room/cab? Lights On 24c-27c Lights Off 18c-22c
How often are you watering? When Needed
Type of ferts used? (I Only Use Nutes When Plants Are At Flowering Stage) Plant Magic+ Bloom, Plant Magic+ Cal/Mag, Canna Flush(At End), PH Up, PH Down.

So now i will just have a quick write up on what's happened so far with the ladies, I will start off with my Purple Cheese auto.
My Purple Cheese auto was started off under 400w HPS for the first 36 days off her life, then my new LED's arrived and she is happy as larry under them now which has been for 7 days now. She is quite tall approx 3ft and open in structure . She has had 3 feeds off nutes so far starting at 1/4 strength 1 feed, 1/2 strength 1 feed and lower end off full strength 1 feed and 1 dose off cal/mag i have heard that they need it with using LED. I have had to stoP all nutes at the moment as my PH reading off the water run off was 5.5(not good) so i have now got some PH up and plan on using it with next watering.
She has taken a bit off a beating so for, A couple of weeks ago i snapped the main stem about 6 inch down from the top, so i made a splint with a pencil and some tape she also had 2 other branches snap a bit so they were taped up, she seem to be ok and healthy apart from the PH issue.
So now onto the new little lady the Afgan Kush Ryder auto or AKR (thats so much easier), she is 3 days old from sprouting, i always use the cup of water way to germinate just incase anyone wondered i have so far had 100% success rate this way. With this little lady i have changed a few things from previous grows as you now know that i have changed to LED's but also i have put her in a 10 litre air pot, i have not used these before but after reading a lot of info on them i decided to give them a go and excited to see how they perform. I may give her some cal/mag before flowering stage but nothing else. There is nothing else i can say about her really with her only being 3 days old.

I hope that i have covered everything, if not then please just ask and i will try and answer them. All comments welcome, so finish this intro off i will leave you with some pics too look at and thank you for taking the time to look.








Re: Auto grow, 300w led, first journal, 2014

So i have just watered the purple cheese, as i have had a low ph on last water run off i used some ph up to bring water up to 8 to try and ajust soil to 6.5. So after i feed her this i took a run off ph reading and its still 5.5 same as before. Any help please guys. I not sure what i can do.
Re: Auto grow, 300w led, first journal, 2014

I have also noticed that about 5% off the total amount off leaves have gone like this (photos below). I think it maybe to due to the ph level being out, anyone else have any idea's?

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