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Hi all. Very curious about autos. I've never been able to complete a full grow using photos. Only because I had to get rid of my plants due to pesky roommate. But now I'm living solo!. Well not solo but just me and my son. So......... I now live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal .. I've learned so much from all of you guys. Much thanks . all around. I'm hoping to do a perpetual grow and would like some advice on what strains you all recommend. I'm looking to just grow for myself but would like a few different strains. I was planning on using 5 gallon S.I.P. set up for each plant. Is 5 gallon over kill? Saving now for 1000w l.e.d. I'll be constructing a 4x4 foot flower room. Just wondering how many plants I should consider for a perpetual grow? Any input would be greatly appreciated. .

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Hi all, I am excited to see my Auto Candy Cane CKS reach their full potential. They are on day 58 from germinaiton seed planting and from what I read, have been in flower now for about one week. I will attach an updated picture tommorrow and I am surprised at the growth of their flowering in the last couple of days. The below pic from a couple of days ago does not do them justice.

Getting very excited considering this is my first grow!


Couple quick shots of my jungle grow of Blueberry Kush right before they got chopped. The three in the large reservoir are now hanging and I'm guessing just by the sheer size and volume of what they produced I've easily hit my pre-grow goal of 3oz per lady. Not bad for my first grow! The water farm bucket in the front is Blue Dream Auto and has another two weeks before it gets chopped. Pretty pleased with the results so far and a lot of it is due to all the info here from everyone else!

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