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It's been a long time friends! So I tried germinating 10 random nirvana seeds that I got about 3 years ago and only got 1 to pop. It is either OG kush or super skunk but I cant be sure. This is more of an experiment as I've never done a 24 hour light cycle and I couldn't find any journals that followed that cycle. Growing in promix hp, 450 watt viparspectra, and fox farms nutes when they can be started. No tent, this is just an open living room grow because of high temps in the tent.
Anyway, feel free to follow along and pitch in whatever help you can. Day 3 from seed. It's great to be back!

10 days in and she's still chugging along. Working on a third set of leaves. I'll most likely top if she continues the way she's going. Living room staying around 30% to 35% RH and temp is 75°F and79°F. Went to put a 6 inch fan up and the clip broke so I have a date with some glue. I drenched the pot a couple days ago with distilled water and cal mag and when it dries out I'll add 25% of the fox farms nutes to the next watering, probably 2 or 3 days. Nothing impressive yet but here's some pictures anyway

So I had two photoperiod Bubblelicious seeds crack and after their taproots hit a couple cm I put them directly in red cups with FFOF and a few drops of water. I have grown a good amount of autos but never a photoperiod. My question is can I keep the photos under 24 hour light while they grow up/veg? The only reason is because I already have an auto under the light that is on a 24/0 light schedule. Help is greatly appreciated!
Hopefully you get the issue sorted with your furnace and good luck with the plants.
Have to run electric heaters until I can get a guy out to look at it. The two Bubblelicious seeds burnt in the fox farms overnight. Today is not a good day
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