Auto Northern Light & Auto Critical

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All my plants are in the same tent (4x2x5) still, with my P450 and two Northern Lights 90w UFO LEDs.

Day 26

I also been giving NL and Critical Bloom nutrients, using the dual-part veg system, A and B.




re: Auto Northern Light & Auto Critical

Thanks Pigeon...I'm still a novice though, as I'm trying to figure out how to get a good handle on growing autos. Not great as I want but a nice handle on things. Finally got my temperatures and humidity constant in my tent. Aha :thumb:

Didn't get big bud yet but I received some Bloom Phat. I'm using this as a foliar feed to my flowering plants. I believe they liked it. I also got Bloom flower. Gave Critical and Northern Lights some flower. Will harvest Critical in about nine days so I'll be flushing her from now on starting tomorrow. Northern Lights seems to be taking her time but it looks like her buds are starting to take some shape. Will post pics soon.
Well Critical got harvested and I wanted a wet weight so I got one. And I am happy to say that she gave me 100g which came out to 3.5 ounces!! Her top itself gave me 31g. Yea. Can't wait to see how much see gives me dry. Moving on up...Going to move from 3 gal to 5 gal air-pots soon. :thumb:

Northern Lights still taking its time but going...:420:
Congrats on the harvest, Holmes! Looks great!

May I ask for your best description of how she smells?!? Love the critical genes and I love the smell!!

Thanks pigeon420, Critical seems to have nice buddy, fast-paced genes. The smell is overwhelming in my drying tent. She is still drying. The smell is sweet almost fruity like. When I squeeze the bud, it tends to release that strong sweet sweet odor. Actually when I was trimming her the smell was strong that it kind of reminded me of petroleum fuel. But yea the smell is right there. I know what you mean. :thumb: about to roll some of her...
I'll read later... ;)
a quick read. near over. go northern. i have one outside,, maybe day 38 or so, no flowers yet really. thick as a brik tho. go northern. cheers:cheer:
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