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Greeting fellow farmers... I am growing two autos a blue dream and a zkittle. presently both are in a 31x31x63 inch tent under a 135w led light. I plan on separating them leaving one in the present tent and placing the other in a 36x36x80 inch tent. My question: Should I do lst training bending and tying down to prevent them from growing to tall but possibly increasing the yield for the tent or should I just leave them alone and let them do what they do?


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@Hebrewdiver, interesting situation your in, you have a couple of options, I think that tying down will produce more buds while leaving them to grow will produce larger buds. Being auto's, there should be no problem with your tent height.
Or, let one grow and tie the other down and experiment.

Have fun my friend.


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I like the idea of leaving one alone and topping/lst one, and just bending on the other then compare and see what does best. Week three on an auto is close to preflower.
Okay and thanks…I planted the germinated seedlings on nov. 13th. So that work put me at 3-4 weeks. Is it to late for me to bend over and tie down. I don’t want to do any cutting/topping. Will squeezing the main stem so that it will bend now cause any negative issues? I agree to just do one and let the other just do it’s thing. I just want to increase yield and experiment. Become the best farmer I can be…lol
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