Auto seed and strain choices


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Hey guys. As some know, I've been working on a list of 12 Auto's I'm going to order to begin a 6 at a time Perpetual.

This is the list I have come up with, I'm pretty happy with it but I'm open to suggestions.

* Bomb Seeds THC Bomb Auto
* Delicious Seeds Critical x Jack Herer Auto
* DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Auto
* Joint Doctor's Lowryder Easy Ryder Auto
* Pyramid Seeds Super Hash Auto
* Pyramid Seeds Nefertiti Auto
* Sativa Seedbank Jock Horror Auto
* Vision Seeds Northern Lights Auto
* Vision Seeds AK49 Auto
* Vision Seeds Amnesia Haze Auto
* World of Seeds Northern Light x Big Bud Auto
* World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder Auto

That do ya'll think??? :D

Heard a lot of good things about big buddha strains, and I think they have a lot of autos. I'd still look into heavyweight seeds 2 fast 2 vast, and kiwi seeds auto pounder. Great yield and super potent smoke
I like the fast and vast, but I've only grown it once and not in greatest conditions. But I still have a seed of that and a cheese candy auto that I'm doing in outdoor hempy buckets this spring. Autos are cool, but I still prefer a photo strain any day of the week
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