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Auto Seeds Advice Please


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Hey guys and girls,

Im looking to buy some auto seeds, I saw 3 seeds at a decent price online, however I am not sure whats good? Anyone with auto seed experience get nice nuggets off theirs? I seen some on videos on youtube with massive buds from one plant (Trans Siberian Auto's look HUGE!!!)

I am looking to get some New York City Diesel autos, will it be kind of like the NYC Diesel from 3 month grown plants? I love fruity tastes like that, sugary grapefruit diesels and that.

If anyone can give me some advice point me to the right direction would be nice.

Thank you for listening.:thumb:


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High Delboy420

I don't know a lot about the types of different strains you might like but can give you a couple of tips about getting the biggest yields possible with autos.

Once sprouted put them in large pots. 3 - 5 gal if you have room for them. Lots of light and run 24 hours, 18 minimum. I've seen posts here where people are wondering when to flip to 12/12. Duh. They're autos and don't need flipping.

Once they start flowering feed them a blend of veg and flower nutes increasing the flower portion of the nutes as they go along. They are still growing in size and need more N than a regular plant does once it's done stretching.

I've only grown a couple of dozen smaller ones for breeding purposes but now have lots of seeds to breed some pure autos for outdoor growing in the far north where I live and regular plants never finish before frost kills them.

Good luck in your search!

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