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Auto Think Different in Coco Hemp Buckets & 600W Apollo HPS

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Hey, welcome to a new journal. I will be doing this one along with my other regular grow journal. I think it is better to have my auto grows in their own journal and regulars in their own journal.

So here is the first video in this journal.

70% coco 30% perlite hemp bucket
watering every other day with nutes every time

Flora Nova Bloom and calmag plus at every watering. 5mL calmag plus, 7 teaspoons Flora Nova Bloom, 6-7mL ph Up. Yes, I changed this from last grow which I used 8mL. I want to see if 6-7 does better.

Apollo set up, 600w Apollo bulb, Apollo digital ballast, and UFO hood. I pulled 12oz last time with this same set up but in a different room.

1 heater
1 moving fan
1 box fan in window on timer. On for only 15 minutes, then off for an hour. All fans off when lights are on. Heat is set to help the room not go under 68 degrees.

Simple set up, cheap, but I am sure will give good results. We will see. I am a tad worried about how cold it is up in the den.

Here is the first video.


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Here are some picture updates. This is a super strong and large growing autoflower. I highly recommend Think Different by dutch passion if you get a chance.

They are 8 days old from sprouting.



This strain grows so fast, and this is in a loft, no co2 or anything. Just a very cheap set up.

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In this first video, the auto are 25 days old.

In this next video, they are 28 days old.

In this next video, they are 30 days old

It is amazing how much they grew in just five days. The tallest, I believe went from a 18 inches to 30 inches tall or 2.5 feet.

Today, though, the autos are 33 days old.


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Good stuff,been watching your vids.You saved my grow.Your vids got me checking my ph meter and it was off by more than a point.I was chasing the wrong problem till you posted,thanks man....!

Milly C

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I killed quite a few auto flowers when I first started using them.
Store bought potting mixes are too dense for autos as is soil.
Research led me to the coco-coir/perlite mix I am using now, 70/30 perlite pre wet.
With just a sprinkling of dynamic-lifter (pelleted chicken shit) at various levels in the pot.
And about 50% reduction of store bought nutrients. the resulting growth, veg and root systems
was fantastic. The light and airy medium is paramount for All the autos I've grown.
The watering frequency needs to be reduced as well as the coir is so absorbent over watering can result in
root rot. Once or twice a week with 50% nutes is ample depending on temperature.
Even during flowering I've reduced the amount of nutes by 40 - 50% of recommended dosages,
and all breeds have gone ballistic growth wise. I buy the coir bricks for convenience and low cost.

Milly C

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That's cool. Auto think different eats more bites than most of my regular strains. When I watered them last time daily, 100% coco, one got to five feet tall.

These now are doing grest, the tallest at over three feet. They stay even more saturated then run to waste because of the hempy res.

Milly C

New Member
Finally got a phone with a camera that works.
This is Super Cali Haze @ 6weeks before harvest.
70/30 coco coir and perlite medium.
Under a GS300w LED panel, with a 90w far red bloom
booster UFO added half way through budding cycle.

Milly C

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I am going to try to record and post a video update tomorrow. They have long bud hairs and some of them are even starting to dense up. Usually that happens between week 7 and 8, right now they are 50 days old, so on week 7. This next 7-10 days, they should bulk and dense up a lot.


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Your posts and videos are some of the best I've seen on this.I was wondering if filling the bucket with perlite to the hole and the rest with coco would work well.What do you think?Also I think I read somewhere that if the roots are kept warm the actual grow environment can get cooler than say 55 degrees and the plant would be alright(no purplish of the stems).do you think it would work with one of those heat mats under the bucket?

David Bowman

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