Auto Topping LED Grow

Ha ha welcome all u fine fellow are the chosen beans;)
Thanks atrain mate does sound a nice plant;) all have germed in water then tissue till nice tap root.all potted and sat in the dark until the shell is off;) here they are and also the feed il be using;)
And here is my set up all complete and in action;) with my mainlined lady sat comfy while the young stretch there legs;) ha ha.had to house the electric in the tent as the power cords of the led lights arnt very long.bit of a pain to hang compared to hps but job is done;)
Let there be light.this is the first time ever using led normally use 600 hps. These led ,s give off no heat this makes me happy ;) excited to see what happens with this grow .let the journey begin;)
I chose to have 2 led lights to spread even light across all the canopy as with hps always hung from the centre .and far to hot to double up hps in that tent a fire hazard maybe im hoping this will help in even plant growth from start to finish;)
This grow is to prove autos can be topped and can increase yield and also produce a nicer sturdier structure of plant. I prefer to top autos as it makes them branch out all on there own .no training required and important u dont train after u have topped if u want a big topped auto.and u will also notice i have potted my 3 autos straight into there final pots;) buckets infact bigger pot bigger plant simple . my opinion this is rule number 1 with autos topped or not.go into final pot u will see the diffrence;) in plant size less stress.there is mixed opinions on this .anyway thats about enough for now all will be revealed as time goes on;)
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