AutoBlueberry - LED - Air-Pot - Biobizz/Promix Soil - 2015


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What's up everyone. Back on my second grow after a disastrous first one when stupid spider mites kill my plants but I'm going to take all efforts to be bug free.

Anywho I'm growing Dutch Passion's Autoblueberry strain in 3 gal Air-pots. Another new tool I'm trying out but with all you guys help I, we can achieve a beautiful healthy grow. I'm still a novice at growing so I will take all the support and critique i receive. Much needed.

Soil: Biobizz potting soil 35% and Pro-mix BX mycorrhizae 40%
Worm castings: 5%
Dolomite lime: 5%
Perlite: 10%
Vermiculite: 5%

Light: Platinum LED 450

Nutrients: Cal-mag, and Dyna-grow nutrients. Should I use chemical nutrients for my organic grow???

Ventilation: Two small fans on top for now. (In the seedling stage)

Grow tent: 2X4X5

Photos coming in a second
Re: AutoBlueberry: LED, Air-Pot, (biofizz/promix soil) Jan 2015


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Whatzzzup mofos. Great day great day. SuperBowl is here Yeeaaa Go Seahawks !!! But most importantly my babies have sprouted yea. They are on their way. One has sprouted fully and in another one you could see the stem about to pop up. Third one still hasn't showed any signs of life but if the Seahawks win there is no doubt that my third baby will be born. I'll post a pic of new two newborns .
:thumb: :420: :420: :thumb:

My Baby

You can see the baby about to sprout
Hi QKrop, glad to hear the 3rd baby has arrived. I am light shopping so will be interested in seeing how well the P450 covers your 2x4 growspace and how big the autos get. Good luck!
Good morning everyone. Happy to say my babies are doing well even though one of them is a dwarf compare to the other two. I have been runnings lights 24/7 since seeded (Jan 29) but just changed the schedule from 24/0 to 22/2. Trying something new.
Day 6 since sprouted. (Day 5 for the baby runt)
But you just have to be optimistic...treat your babies well:thumb:


BlueBabies are nice and well

What do you guys think??
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