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Autoflower breeding question


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Hey everybody,

I have a question. I am sure there is a reason that this is not a good idea. But here it goes:

I have two grow areas set up. A veg cabinet (3x3x5), and a flower area (2x3.5x8). I want to collect some pollen from a male and selectively pollinate some of my females. (I like growing from seed) I just can't set up another area to keep a male separated and on a 12/12 light schedule.
What would happen if I grew out some lowryder in my veg cab and collected pollen from a male? Would this result in all of my future seeds having autoflowering characteristics? I have just started to read about chemistry and genetics, but it is not as easy for me as the growing was to learn.
I guess the most important question would be:

What is the worst and best case results from this breeding plan?

Thanks for any inputs, you guys are the best.



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I think you could isolate the autoflower in a new plant, but it would be hit and miss, and you really have to go through a hundred plants before you can be sure the trait has been passed on. It's a lot of testing and note-taking, but I think it's worth it.


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I thought this would be up your alley boss. That's what I kind of figured. I guess it is not the auto-flowering that is important to me. I am looking for a way to get pollen on an 18/6 light cycle. It is my only option to recoup some seeds for my grows. Thanks for the reply bro!

The lowryder 2's are on there way. If all fails, it will still be interesting to see the auto-flowering process.


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You can grow that autoflowet but about 20 % of the seeds would be autoflowers.
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