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Autoflower feeding and watering

Hi guys hope someone could clear this topic up for me please any help would be appreciated. I got a Nebula Autoflower fem and a Candy cane Autoflower fem. Im wondering as i couldnt find any good answer online. My question is this how ofter do i feed the auto or do i feed it at all for the first 3 weeks. second if its just water what should i use as i got access to both tap and R.O water. Should i PH it and if yes then to what PH? Should i give it any nuts like sensi grow ph perfect a and b plus the b52 and voodoo or should i wait for the 3 week mark?
Im currently growing them in 4 gallon pots since seed and i use promix hp as the soil. Also it seems a long time between watering like 4 days maybe is that normal? A guide to auto would be nice if someone could do a proper one not the ones on google they dont give any precise info.
Well hope anyone could understand my writing and would be nice to get an answer asap.
Thankx in advance cheers


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I'll try my best with your questions:

In pro mix I'd give them two weeks of water only, then start slowly with some veg nutes. I don't know anything about the brand you mentioned. I'm sure others here have used it. Maybe someone else will come along.

Have you tested your tap water, is it well or city?

If you water when the cans you're using are dry 4 days isn't out of the question. But, that's for mature plants. Younger plants are much different.

I suggest you read some of the how to guides here. On autos, and on growing itself you'll find many of the answers you're looking for, no need for Google.

Cheers, best wishes. :Namaste:
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