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Autoflower Feeding Schedule


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Hey guys. I am doing my first "autoflower " grow. I'm growing Tangerine Dream and Blueberry auto's in F.F. Coco-loco. I have been using "Advanced Nutrients" 3 part Grow, Micro, and Bloom nutes at the rate of 2 ml per gallon til now every in every other watering.

I am entering week 5 and have pistols showing and the plants look great to me, they are 12" high and have great color. My main question is that I have some Fox Farm "Big Bloom" and want to start using it , should I quit the other nutes all together or mix them , how often and how much B.B to use? I've looked all over the net looking for inout even on the F.F. site, but cant find any answers as to how to use the old nutes or not. Thanks for your time!

Auto's 11%22 tall...4 weeks old 4-16-21.JPG

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Welcome back @Seniorweeder

At present I have not use Fox Farm, but there are many grower here that love it.

If you start a journal it would be easier to get help from similar growers when you need it most.

How to Make a Grow Journal

Your leaves look a little on the dark side from nitrogen.

Be careful on the Micro and grow, maybe easy up a little.

Like I said I have not use your nutrient line up, so best to wait for someone else to come along, or start a journal.



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big bloom is not that strong. it is mostly used as a supplement. incorporate it in to the water side of the feed sched if you are doing f/f/w. it can be added along with the regular nutes as well.

if adding it in on the feed side you will have to adjust your other nutes by dialing them back slightly. there is no schedule for that. fox farms assumes you are good enough to work it out on your own. it is not overly strong so there should be little conflict.
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