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Now your light cycle:
18/6 or 20/4 will work but think of this... AF's will flower quickly under any cycle. They are genetically produced to do so.
Choose to give them 24/0 light because they are such short period growers. Give them as much light to grow by as you can.
These strains thrive around the Arctic and there is nothing but light 24 hours a day during their spring/summer grow period.
Also, at 24/0, you won't get spikes in your electric because your timers arent powering in and off at daily intervals.Tthat can be undue alarm for police to be informed by your elect. co.
It's all up to your preference as to what you use. What I listed was my choices.
You can go with Peters triple 20 but be careful, small doses are best. AF's are very sensitive at first.
What I've listed are lower dose nutrients. If you start feeding too early, you will stress them and prolong the start of the flowering cycle.
When I started feeding, I only fed once a week and was watering almost 3 times a week. I didn't want to over feed them because of their sensitivity. I think once a week is fine but will experiment next time with feeding twice a week. My results have turned out well and my first taste was only after a week of curing. Still have a few weeks of curing to go but I was stoned for a good 3-4 hours on 4 puffs.
Harvest time was just at 12 weeks. Nice mature buds and fairly dense with a shit load of crystals.
I just harvested my next 3 plants today, 2 Bio Diesel and 1 more Osirus. I will post some more pics here shortly.
Feel free to ask anything that I may have missed.
hey, im just about to start my first auto grow with a cheese candy with a 300 watt led. i understand you idea of 24/0 but im pretty sure the plant uses most of its root growth in the dark period, there for your plant is having to halt the veg growth for the root growth at its own desired time rather than the 4 or 6 hours of dark.. you can be wasting electricity in my opinion. i think the plant will grow for most of the light given but more leaf then bud ratio in the end, correct me if im wrong anyone?
I understand your theory about the darkness period and it makes sense to a point.
In my recent grow, I had sufficient foliage and root growth that produced some very nice fruit at the 24/0 cycle.
As I mentioned earlier in this thread, you are dealing with a genetically altered seed that thrives in 24 hour light.
My decision to grow @ 24/0 came from an experienced AF grower who has logged several AF cycle grows. He has grown AF's using 12/12, 16/8, 18/6, 20/4 & 24/0 and has determined that the 24/0 produced the best results. I am doing my 2nd grow outside so I will have a different experience this time. My 3rd or 4th grow will be back inside and will be trying an 18/6 cycle.
Unfortunately, AF's do not have a bunch of grow tips on them and a lot is by trial and error.
I value everyone's opinion since I am new to the AF's also. If you wouldn't mind, could you please share your results? Would like some evidence relating to less/more light.
Good luck with your grow.
well for sure i know the plant halts the need for light to do its main root growth and i do know that the plant will not be harm with 24/0 light but you will be wasting some energy, if you really want a healthy plant give her at least 2 or 4 hours, because you are wasting money, i see your using fluorescence for lighting, notice also your nugs aren't very big for 24/0. my grow will be my first auto but i have grown enough to say you are wasting light. do you have the dry/wet wieght per plant you can compare with my progressing auto grow?
Query abt Syrup AF by Buddha:

> 150 total watt LED, 87 watt actual power. I am on a 16/8 schedule. Note: I am not happy with the spectrum of the light. It was not what I ordered. Essentially, I was scammed by a company called GrowBlu. I am sure that my plants would be doing much better if I received the light that I originally purchased.
> Used a common indoor mix in 5 gallon containers and been feeding since day 28. A light feeding at day 28; slightly stronger at day 35; and still a little stronger at day 42. I am allowing the soil to dry out, but not completely.
> At 42 days one plant is 25 inches and the other is 38 inches. They are very leggy and have many buds, but the buds seem pretty small.

Considering the above regimen and the fact that at present I won't be able to alter the lighting spectrum, would you expect the buds to eventually fatten up. Is the 5 gallon pot too big for Syrup.

All feedback is welcome. TY.
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