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Autoflower help?


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Hi my fem autoflowers from royal queen seeds have been growing great in my stealth d.i.y box but today on the 4week I've noticed pistols coming from the top i know this is normal for female plants I'm not crazy,But they only have 3sets of leaves. It still looks really young only 8inches tall.... Was wondering if any1 else had this problem? Can't upload pic from iPad will get 1 up ASAP Any help be much appriciated :thumb::thumb::51::thumb:


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Why ask twice for? Someone will eventually answer you. We have the greatest, most freindliest, and most helpfull community here.

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Some times weird grow is just do to its genetics. I have a white widow that only grow one fan leaf on its first set as a seedling. Its is starting to out grow that and now growing more normal. It is what it is kind of thing. Keep it growing green
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