Autoflower Soil - Dinafem Critical+ & Killer Kush - Colloidal Silver Seed Run


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Hello and welcome to my first real grow journal :Namaste:
I hope you stick around to see my triumphs and failures in this very experimental grow.
I will be running four plants at the end of this grow, two treated with colloidal silver to cause them to express male sex traits and produce feminized pollen and two plants germinated a while after to be the receiving mothers, these are quick finishing strains so hopefully they will produce viable seeds.

There are a few reasons i am doing this, mainly to learn an effective process of creating feminized seeds in a way that works for me. Another reason is to avoid the risk and cost of repeatedly getting genetics sent through the mail, i have chosen to spend a few $$$ and get a lot of great seeds to play around with for a few years, as well as multiples of each strain to get seeds from. I would love to try hempy pots from seed in the future but that is prohibitively expensive on any scale to try with purchased female seeds.

Anyhow enough rambling, On with the show!
re: Autoflower Soil - Dinafem Critical+ & Killer Kush - Colloidal Silver Seed Run

Down to the gritty details

Two strains both autoflowering and feminized, one Dinafem Critical+ and one Killer Kush, followed by one more of each at a later date.

My soil mix is a 2'' top layer of general potting soil for germination, then my own composted soil mixed 4 parts soil to 1 parts fine perlite and weakened slightly with 1 part general soil. The bottom 2'' is pure composted soil with 1/5 perlite.

The plants should have everything they need in the soil but seaweed extract and liquid fertilizer may be used if i see a benefit in using them also.

"Vegging" Indoors under 72 watts of CFL until they outgrow it, then add another 72 watt fixture or purchase a 400w led and relegate the CFLs to supplemental lighting.

Lights are 4 cfls per fixture, 2 warm white and 2 cool white
There is an extraction fan taking the hot air from the top of the cabinet and exhausting out the bottom.
Temps are between 20°C-35°C with lights on
RH around 30%
I am currently watering when needed
re: Autoflower Soil - Dinafem Critical+ & Killer Kush - Colloidal Silver Seed Run

Here is the Killer kush shooting forward on her first day above ground

This is the only picture of the Dinafem Critical+ on day 1 unfortunately

Temps and humidity at soil level, CHEAP device, best to ignore it.

A few outdoor plants showing off their yoga moves
re: Autoflower Soil - Dinafem Critical+ & Killer Kush - Colloidal Silver Seed Run

Seedling update Day 2
Soil in both pots was dry, so they were watered with 400mls each or one and a bit cups plain water.

Killer kush
Still growing quick and has a friend, chinese cabbage or pak choi, i'll leave it there for now.

Critical+ catching up

Added another two bulbs to the socket to reduce the stretch of the killer kush.
This fitting is all warm white bulbs, should i grab some more cool whites for veg?

Looking good so far
:high-five: UPDATE!! :high-five:

Killer kush Day 9

Critical+ Day 9

Thinking the lighter specks of colour on the leaves are the beginnings of zinc deficiency, i will be amending with something tommorrow.

Any feedback or advice would be great, thanks for stopping by.
Heya,, best of luck with yer grow,, and best of the season as well,,:Namaste:

One thing I noticed was the high temp there, 35 c,, might want to watch that,, I have not found these plants to like much over 30,, something to watch,, cheers
No,, both parent plants must be female,, so, one induces male flowers on a female plant, still a female plant,, right??? Then uses that pollen to impregnate another female plant, or, as you said, initiate incest and impregnate itself,, either way, both female parents equalls female seeds,,:cheer:

I could be wrong but I have read that exact point, more than once,, Google,,,, induce male flowers on a felale marijuana plant,, i found several good explanations there,, cheers
Hey Nivek,
I have switched my timing of the fan and exhaust so they run separate, the exhaust now takes the still air out during the day and the fan moves air around during the night, this improves the temps slightly, but i may still have to move my exhaust outflow higher to make extraction more efficient.
Would raising my humidity from 30-35% to higher levels help the plants deal with the heat better? Any other suggestions for heat management would be appreciated.

In my understanding it is possible to self pollinate a female with this treatment but given the short flowering time with the autos i was concerned with not having viable seeds at the end.

Genetically the seeds from a self pollinated female will express traits the exact same as the mother plant.
However if you use a separate female of the same strain to pollinate then depending on the stability of the strain you may find different phenotypes or traits expressed resultant from two sets of genetic input.
The seeds will still be feminized though.

Crossing an f1 offspring from two parent plants then crossing the f1 plant back with the original mother is how stability is formed in a strain, this crossing back reduces the recessive genes that are passed on in each successive generation.
Some strains definitely have more likelihood of producing female seeds though.

Hey Rifleman, I enjoyed reading your journals a few weeks ago congrats on Potm!

Hope you guys stick around for a bit, i just ordered one of those 400watt mars 2 lights, so good things to come :D
Quick update, Left the girls out in the sunlight for a full day and they exploded with growth.

Dinafem Critical+ Day 15
Jumped into the light after a day in the sun, that's why she's a little crispy

Killer kush Day 15


Also trying a foliar spray of Seasol (seaweed extract) and something called "power feed" for extra nitrogen at low doses as well as one watering of half strength to the soil.
I think they can handle the nutrients at this size and in a week or two i will try them with full strength every second watering.

I hope you are all having a pleasant holiday season Cheers!
Beauty, no question,, nice job so far,, one crispy leaf,, no worries,, more crispy leaves,, worries,, so

Maybe watering the leaves, misting, while the plant is in the light,, sun, led, cfl, not good,, the sun is more intense than them all put together,, the leaves will burn if wet whilst in the light,, sun too

Keep it up pal,, gonna be great, I can see that,, cheers:Namaste:
I have been having a few last minute thoughts on this experiment, if i create two females with male sex characteristics
and apply both sets of pollen to isolated branches of each mother plant separately, then i can create "pure" killer kush and "pure" dinafem seeds but also cross the strains at the same time. I hope that made sense, any input or experience on this would be great.

Here are the next round of Dinafem + and killer kush, these are the plants i will eventually be treating with a colloidal silver solution.

This is how i train my outdoor plants, it may look rough but my cage is only 90cm tall and it is feasibly 3 months until harvest.
I have topped all my plants once and tied most of them down or crushed the stems and bent them over, i have a few years of lst and hedge training under my belt but this is my first year topping plants.

Cage is filling up fast.
Hope all is well in your world.

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