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Autoflower sun to LED?


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You mean transfer to indoor, and using LED grow lights?
Usually you will need 40~50w/sft real wattage for led grow lights indoor for flowering. :green_heart:


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Good evening. I would like some advise on this same issue. I am growing auto’s outside and im in the last 2-3 weeks of grow. The weather is rainy every day and afraid of getting bud rot. I have the indoor set up and would like to finish the babies indoors. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks


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Just keep the light far away at first and the temperatures down. Depending on the age of plants and type of light.


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Since the lights are proper. The plants would simply continue developing... I've done it before with no dramatic consequences.
I switch lights all the time. The plants don't seem to notice. Outside the lights and temperatures probably fluctuate more.
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