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Autoflower won't flower day 64

On the right is a day 64 pic of my Auto Speed Bud that won't flower. I read somewhere that there are F1, F2, etc strains so I just immediately went to a 12/12 lighting last night coming from a 18/6.

If she keeps growing I'm gonna have a problem. I can rig up the lights to go a little higher with some intelligent thought, but any cute ways to stop her from going any higher?

BTW, this is my second grow, my first grow I had 2 ft tall plants...this is insane! She's like 4.5 ft tall...lol.


The small plant is day 60 and is the sacrificial lamb b/c she is a runt for some reason. It's an Auto White Widow CBD and has these small popcorn buds on her. poor thing.

Chris Scorpio

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Look into supercropping

When she get too tall bend her over. She will reach back up but can gain you some distance

She looks great but she is Gunna grow a lot more

Mount some closet rod holders up higher , you can gain more height I bet, you will need it


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I read about a trick on here somewhere. You roll the stem between thumb and finger until it gets soft then it wil bend 80 degrees without breaking and keeps the juices flowing.

My guess is that the plant is not an auto so you will need to switch to 12 12 to get her flowering.
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