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Autoflowering Nute Schedule


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I am not familiar with those nute schedules but I do know they benefit greatly using Superthrive while still in their vegging state. Try to keep your lights as close as possible to the autos moving them up a little each day to create close node development (close bud sites) and run them on 24 hour light until you want them to flower. Then give them 24 hours dark, and then go back to 24 hours light and they will begin their flower period. Some think that its a guessing and waiting game with autos but I disagree. In all of my experience with them, a 24 hour schedule brings back that control of being able to pick your start of flower. Try to keep temps cooler than usual in the vegging period also allows for more veg and keeps it from switching to flower too early. These methods always worked in my environment. I hope this helps you along the way.
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