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Autoflowers advise needed


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hello all
i have 3 auto plants on the go. 1. afghan kush ryder [ world of seeds ]1. bubbleicious auto[ nirvana seeds]
and 1. northern lights auto [royal queen seeds ]. they are growing in plagron all mix and i am using biobizz nutes
root juice, biogrow and bio biobloom . i am running a 250w dual spec cfl. 20/4. i had some issues with light off temps 10c , so i put the light on 24/7 . themps now staying 23c-25c , all the plants are on day 56 .but i think they should be better. what do you think



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They are looking fine mate,
Remember seed company's recommended flower times will usually be for a hps light not a cfl, so just hang in there, be patient and they will be great! All looks good mate.


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The others yeah not gonna blow smoke up yo ass. They look small, but they look healthy at least. But the big one in back is good sized so far.


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My Auto's are similar at day 50. ( 23" tall ) Some get taller than others. In the next 10 days you will be amazed at the stretch and bud production. hang in there another few days.
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