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Mass Seed Production - 4 Plant Seed Chamber - Auto-flower Time Machine

I hope all is well out there is the :420: universe. I am here today to show you my latest creation/invention. I call it an auto-flower time machine because with this creation, I will be able to speed up the production of seeds and strains by 400%. Yes 400% is a big number. Where do I get this number you ask? I am not sure. I just assume most people will run one plant at a time for Colloidal Silver seed production. I am hoping to do 4 at 1 time so thats where I get 400%. I just started to be able to grow and I decided from day one I wanted to do Auto Flowering plants. I loved the idea of the short life spans, 24hr light cycles, fast buds, and I really liked the fact that I can run 50 of them in one area and perpetually harvest as they are ready. The biggest issue I needed to resolve was seed sourcing. I looked online and even bulk purchases are highly expensive. If you want good genetics, you have to spend the money and get them from the right growers. This cost was impossible to overcome so I needed to create something in order to produce what I needed. I have a good buddy and grower freind/member on the site @Liveandletgro that successfully used Colloidal Silver to make an Auto Fem Purple Express plant produce over 30grams of seeds. This seed harvest is where I got my first batch of seeds for my first grow of 50 that I am working on right now. I currently have 4 new seedlings (Expert Seeds :Gorilla Glue # 4 Auto Fem, Dinafem: Critical Auto CBD, Kannabia: Baby Boom CBD Auto Fem, Fast Buds: Girl Scout Cookies Auto Fem). They are in my prop dome and almost ready to be placed in their final resting place. This first entry was to get you acquainted with my idea and show you my set up. In my second entry I will show you the seedlings and where they are at that point. Right now they are in rapid rooters about to break the surface.

I found this wooden box on craigslist. It seemed to be the perfect thing to convert into the seed production chamber. They sold them for 10 bucks. I disassembled it and cut the walls to size. Because my room is so small and things are tight, I had to build this in place. I started with the bottom and built up. I made sure to place wheels for easy movement. I placed 3 walls up and left the front open to do most of the work out of. I covered the inside with white shower curtains cut to fit. The shower curtains were 1 dollar a piece from dollar tree. I used spray adhesive first and layed the plastic over it for a nice smooth finish. I created a custom ventilation system for it. I used 4 4in 90's, 2 4in tee's, and a straight piece of 4in duct. I got a 4in can filter and a 4in inline fan. This was designed to suck the air upward and into the filter and out the box. The entire thing needed to be sealed off so that pollen could not escape. The box has 4 quadrants. Each quadrant needed to be sealed up really well. In order to accomplish this I used silicone caulking and Gorilla Tape. In order to keep the chamber sealed but still be able to work with the plants for spraying the Colloidal Silver, I installed 1ftx1ft plexy glass looking windows, 2 4in arm access holes with each hole leading to arm length plastic gloves and I placed access panels at rezy height for water changes and placement of the plants. The plastic arm length gloves are used for inseminating cattle. I had to do this for each quadrant. There are 4 looking windows, 8 arm holes, and 4 access panels. I went above and beyond making sure this chamber is sealed tightly. The only way to tell is to give it a try. I am using four 7 gallon buckets for Rezys. They are black to keep light out. I installed 10 to 20 gallon air pumps on each rezy for adequate air to roots. I am using CFLs for low heat, cost effectiveness, and practicality. I installed 4 hanging single outled light fixtures. I purchased four 1 to 4 outlet converters. Once installed this allowed me to have get over 100 true watts of light energy in each 1ftx1ft quadrant. The lights are able to be adjusted for plant growth. I hope this description is solid enough. The pictures should help tell the story.


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