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Hi,as its quite difficult for me to water regulaly has anyone got any advice/feedback from autopots.Im only growing 2 plants but the 2 pot autopot system sits in a tray with the top of the 8.5 litre pots only 7cm apart.Going on my last 2 plants i need more room than that (im not confident with pruning yet).Is there a system that allows me to place 2 different pots a bit further apart.Also is it a myth ive been told or is it important so that the leaves dont touch.I m growing in coco.
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Cheers for the bump.Ive decided on the autopot system i want,just a few questions if anyone can help.
1)Will ph & nutrient stay the same in a 47l tank.
2)Starting from a clone will i have to water water by hand before for a while before i can use the aqua valve system.
3)I had a fairly decent crop last time planted in just coco but reading about a bit a lot of people are saying adding about 30% of perlite is better.
4)Am i ok with the same feed as i used last time (canna veg A&B & CANNA FLORES A&B).Thanks.

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I've always wanted to check out the Tropf Blumat's they seem pretty badass.

Never heard of Auto Pots, will have to check them out.
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