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AutoPsycho's Indoor Soil First Grow Strains Chronic Headband MIndbender-2013


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So this is my first time growing my medicine. We have a Indoor set up.
I have 3 different Hybrid strains HeadBand Mind Bender and Chronic. Today I started week 3 in the flower room, they were in Veg 4 weeks.
Veg room we used 2 T-5s overhead and one T-5 on front
In Flower we are using 3 1000 watt HPS vented hoods, on 5 plants each plant is planted directly into 10 gallon bag of Roots Organics Original Soil mix.
We keep the temperature between 80-85 and humidity around 30
We are also using the full line of Heavy-16 I water daily, in the Veg room I fed 2 a week fresh water ph @6ish on the other days. On week 2 in the Flower room we upped it to a feed feed water schedule.
Since it is my first indoor grow I have been nervous to say the least, but I do believe they look nice;)
I'm here for any input some seasoned growers have


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i pulled 10 clones off of the 5 plants the day i moved the to flower, i will start a journal on them as soon as i start feeding them nutrients

on this journal, the 2 chronic plants where a lot smaller during the veg stage, the mind benders were a bit larger, and the headband was by far the largest coming out of veg,
the mind benders have caught up with the headband, and the chronic plants are looking great ,
the headband and mind bender are so tall i had to start bending them, as to keep them from getting burnt by the 1000w hps lights
the chronic started budding a few days latter than the others , but the chronic buds are looking much nicer ...imo...
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