Autos Coco & A Wilma System - My Second Grow


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Welcome everyone to my new journal, lets kick things off with the new setup shall we.

I have decided after my last grow that this time I am going to run just 1 strain and in a MUCH lower maintenance system. I learned in my 1st grow (DWC and Soil) that whilst I'm 'ok' at hydro I need something with a more stable reservoir than a single 15L res with 0% margin for error. For this reason I will be running a Wilma which has a significantly larger res and running it with coco to give myself a bit of wiggle room if I fuck something up .

So here we go:

What strain is it? Auto Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion described as an Indica dominant hybrid.
What stage of growth is it? Built the room and put the seeds in water today.
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor - 3' x 3' x 6' Secret Jardin tent.
Soil or Hydro? Hydro:
-Wilma Large System with 4 x 18L Pots
-Added a large airstone to the Wilma res (always on).
-Canna Professional Plus Coco (no added perlite etc)
-Great White Mycorrhizae mixed into coco @ 1 x scoop per 18L pot
Light? Advanced Platinum LED P450. (I have more lights I can add if I feel I need to include more)
Temp of Room? 21-23°c - its so easy to maintain temps when not growing in a cold loft
RH of Room? 40-60% (I have a small dehumidifier I can add come flowering time)
PH of media or res? 5.8 (I generally plan to let it move around between 5.6 and 6.0, always adjusting back to 5.8)
Any Pests ? None (Woohoo ✨)
How often are you watering? To begin with once per day, will adjust to 2-3 as plants grow larger.
Type of ferts used? Ok so I got a whole collection of nutes and additives now, but for this grow I plan to be using:
Great White Mycorrhizae 1 scoop in every new res.
Ionic CalMag
H&G Drip Clean
H&G Roots excelurator
Blackstrap Mollasses (to feed GWM)
PH Down
Liquid Silicone (as PH Up)
Pro XL Veg A&B
Ionic Coco Bloom
Pro XL Quick Boost
Pro XL Flora Exploder
And I have shit loads more lying around that may end up getting used too we'll see I guess.
Air Circulation/Venting? RVK 6" fan (moves a lot of air, 700+cfm if I remember correctly) and a 6" Rhino Pro carbon filter (the big one) I also have 2 small cheap carbon filters setup on air intakes to keep any nasties out and keep my fans clean. I have the main fan and filter outside the grow tent, in a tent of their own sealed up for noise reduction. I also have a small 4" RVK fan for fresh air intake.

All this I guess I better post a picture eh...

The tent all ready and awaiting some seedlings:


The seeds taking a dip getting ready to pop:


I'm sure I've missed out loads, but for now this will have to do its been a long day getting set up, time for a smoke. I will update with more news and pictures tomorrow I'm sure.

In the mean time I welcome all friends, visitors, questions, answers, tips, insults and anything else you can come up with. Pull up a seat for the journey and hopefully we can all learn along the way.

Have a great day everyone.


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re: Autos Coco & A Wilma System - My Second Grow

Hope ya don't mind iffin I take a peek every now and then...

GL and Keepem Green


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Well not much to report at the moment. Woke up this morning and all 4 seeds had sank to the bottom of the water, so I transferred them into a damp piece of kitchen roll and covered them in Great White Mycorrhizae (yeah I really love the stuff ). For now they will be sealed up in a plastic baggie untill they pop.



I realised yesterday that I bought the wrong EC buffer fluid for my EC pen so I need to get the right one to calibrate it properly asap, Doh!

If I get chance I'll go into a lot more detail about the setup soon. Maybe later this evening if all goes to plan.

In the mean time take it easy all. Have a great day ✌


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Ok Update Time:

Firstly I have checked on the seeds, they are just starting to split and show the beginnings of a tiny tap root. I will leave them another 24hrs and see how they are doing at that point I may pot them, I may wait a little longer.

I also got my EC pen buffer fluid and got that calibrated now, which can only be good. To my surprise it wasn't far out before the calibration only 0.1EC off. I also picked up some Canna Coco A&B and some Canna PK 13/14 to help out in flower. I was going to wing it with hydro nutes but thought better of it and decided to get the canna stuff. Overall I have quite the selection coming on now .

This is only about half of my overall collection :

Now, those of you who followed my last journal probably already know I love to experiment and jump in way over my head, alas the trend continues...I couldn't just sit here and pin all my hopes on one tent and a Wilma it was making me too paranoid that if something went wrong I would be fucked. To that end I threw up my other LED in my old drying tent (basically a brand new 2" x 2" x 5" grow tent), set up a spare carbon filter in there and boom, room to grow another plant. I have decided to go ahead and stick with coco in there too and will be hand watering this one every day. I put a Blue Cheese Auto seed from Dinafem in some water to soak. It will be a day or two behind the other tent, but that should not be a problem.

Here is the setup now just awaiting the plants:

The Blue Cheese Auto seed:

In terms of the plan going forward, I dont really have . I know coco needs to be fed everyday so I will do that, not exactly sure which combination of nutrients I will end up using and may try a different feed schedule with the hand watered plant. Pretty much just winging it, what's the worst that could happen eh? As for updates I doubt there will be much to report now over the coming few days. I'll be sure to post when the seeds get potted up, but until then its going to be a bit slow .

Also quick question:
Do I count this as Day 1 with the Auto Blue Cheese now that its soaking in water, or is Day 1 the day they poke their heads up outta the soil/coco?

Thanks to everyone for stopping in. Have a great day all! ✌
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