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Aww man - This a male?


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So my entire first grow i lucked out with all females, this 2nd grow of mine however is looking like 1 of 6 plants is male D:

This is my Critical Kush strain i got from my father's buddy whom claimed they were feminized, guess not lol. I have 2 CK's growing, 1 looks male and the other 1 i believe is female but am a little unsure, what do u guys think? It has pistol's (im prety sure those are pistols) but they also kinda look like balls on there too.

Here are the 2 in question, first here is the one im 99% sure is male haha. Because its my first ever male, i just feel the need to get confirmation that its a go for scrapping :3

These are in Flowering Day 8.

Here is the 2nd CK (pics below)
Im seeing what i believe to be pistols but they look kinda sac-like too, like males. Verdict?

aaand here's some just to see it as a whole :p The male in question is the far back left corner next to humidifier.



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Whole lot of nut sacks there. Get them gone before they open

what do you think about the other CK? Are those nuts and pistols or just pistol's still coming in?


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Yep, nuts on #2.
shit...down 2 plants :( Last time i accept free seeds from someone claiming they femenized lol. So just to clarify, if there is no pistol coming out of the 'sac' itself, its male, even if there appears to be a pistol-like thing right below it. Whereas females will always have a pistol coming out of the top/tip of 'sac' if u will, correct?

So upsetting D: The canopy was coming out more amazing than my last grow and sooo much lower growth was with canopy, 20+ 'colas' even tho only 6 legit cola's haha. Oh well, good thing my GG#4 turned out fine! Now im down to 3 Sour Diesel and 1 GG#4, now getting fool light since 2 plants out of the way lol.
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