Ayzo's First indoor Grow CFL 45x45x60 DIY Cabinet 2014


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Hello im Ayzo.

Firstly i would like to take this chance to say thank you to everyone here at 420magazine. Without your journals I probably wouldnt have been confident enough to start growing my own meds.

I have been dreaming about growing my crop for a while now, like I said I didnt know much about growing (STILL DONT) but i have decided to give it a go since there is such a great community here at 420mag.
I havent got any seeds yet as i am still setting up my indoor cabinet and that is why i have started this journal so i can ask for help.
Here are stats

What strain is it?
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Northen lights is one of my first choices but please feel free to give me orther choices.and why they would suit.me as I have never grown before.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Germinating
space size: 45x45x60cm bought a small bedside drawer set from a charity shop ripped out the drawers and attached a door on some henges. (will post pics)
Coco + perlite
3 x 3 galon pots
Size of light? Im thinking 2x35w equal 151w 2285lumin 2700k each cfl 3x15w equal 75w 970lumin
Is it aircooled? 4" fan. need a recommendation for an extractor with filter for odour.:peace:
Temp of Room/cab? Dont know yet.
I will try to post as many pictures as possible also considering installing a cam inside cabinet.
Okay for some reason my tab is shit. lol. anyway here is the cabinet
thats how i bought it obviously with 2 more.drawrs.but.i.took.them.out so you guys can see. sorry about all the dots as i am using.my phone and thats also shit :cheer: heres when i removed all the drawers and put on a door..
I then fitted the inside with some reflective material, not sure about the name.. i had it lyng around the.house.
im pretty happy with the results.
Please tell me what yu think as i am a complete "Noob" At all this.

Thanks ill post soon and keep yall updated
Hey guys im so excited to start, im almost there! Grow room complete, Canna coco coi ordered as well as perlight and rockwool cubes. Here is my cabinet in shinjng mode :Namaste:
some pant im playing around with. Will have 1 more of those lights to start off.
Things im missing off my checklist : 4" FAN, SEEDS, EXTRACTOR FAN, COCO A+B NUTES.
Things I need to do in the grow room: make vent holes(top and bottom on opposite sides) fit a hanger or some sort to have better flexebility with lights.

Question, it might be a dumb one but I wont know if I dint ask, can I use ------------ or mist hydro systeme with canna coco +perlite.
Next question is; if I start with rockwool and then plant the cube in a 2lt pot with coco, can I keep them in a 2lt till harvest, and other way round, one I potted in a 2lt can I repot it into say a 4lt pot?

Thanks for taking the time and reading.
Holla Soon.
Got my coco coir proffessional 50L and 10L perlite. would post pictures but i got up late and have work. took some pictures with basil plant inside to roughly see how much space it takes up.. i gotta say im happy with the way its going so far.

I got advice from a friend and he said i dont need perlite unless i was using big pots
As promised here are some pictures with my box in action, I put my basil herb plan in there for about 6 hours just to see how hot it gets how close I can keep the light to the plant, basicly just to get a feel of how im goin to go ahead and start once I get some seeds.
How it looks like from outside with lights on.

Basil plant about 30cm tall from bottom of the pot

A shot in the dark with lights on with door shut. And opened


Sorry about the sideways pics :Namaste:
Will post pics of coco and perlite soon.
For now goodnight and thanks for stopping by.

P.s still not sure about nutrients >•< help and advice would be appreciated!

Got my seeds in today, started germinating them in paper towel with a plate cover and whapped in a plastic asda bag for max humidity. I will post pics but I wanna do it in bulks, as im using a tablet and no laptop atm..
Okay here are some pics for now. Seeds are in coco under 35w cfl 24hr for now. No nutes just added a little rooting gel in my water before soaking the coco to plant the seed in.
Right here are some pictures aprox 23 hrs after planting germinated seeds in coco + perlie been under constant light since.
The smaller one

The bigger one its starting to grow first set of true leaves already!
Usb pc fans arrived, very happy with the product I still havent fitted it yet. The little ladies are looking good at 3 days under constant light, although I thought id let them be in the dark for 3 hours. I only used nutes what I could get from my local store and its 4-4-4 with seaweed extract. I will take pics now and will post them in a bit after I have a smoke.
Thanks for stoppin by. :Namaste:
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