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AZ MMJ cards & pre-employment drug tests


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I have an AZ MMJ card and am thinking about looking for a new job. I know in AZ you can't be discriminated against for MMJ by an employer as long as you have a current card. (I don't plan to apply to any companies with federal contracts, etc).

I haven't had a drug test in years. I'm curious as to how it works and what peoples experiences are with drug tests and the MMJ card. For example, last I remember you fill out a form and list any medications you are on before taking your test. I'm hesitant to list MMJ even though I know the law protects me. So if I don't, and I test positive, can I then show them my MMJ card?

I'd be grateful to learn about different experiences, thoughts, etc.



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I am in this same boat. Can anyone confirm the above question? I'm looking for new employment so I've gone "dry" the last 7 days and I am close to miserable.
Daily edible/smoker

I've considered just continuing my usage until I have an actual test and then going with the certoclear but wondered if I had more rights with my card in hand?



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I haven't been able to get any real answers either.

I did some reading, and it looks like in AZ, the law states that for pre-employment drug screening, they have to use a lab. It seems like most labs now use an MRO (Medical Review Officer - or something like that). If your test is positive, the MRO reviews it, contacts you and I believe that is when you would provide your MMJ card number. The MRO would then confirm the number in the State db. So it seems like you don't fill out the form any more (which makes sense b/c of HIPPA ).
However, this is pure speculation on my part, where I just tried to put together a process with the info I found. I could be COMPLETELY wrong.

If I ever get tested, I will post about my experience.
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