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Az noob looking to grow in the confines of the az law


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Hey guys how's it going.? New to this forum and like the title states I'm looking at Arizona faqs so I can operate u der the confines of the law.

Main question :
As of 8/5/2011 there are no dispensiares here yet and I want to cultivate. I live in Phoenix so my assumption is there will be dispensaries within 25 miles of my home / grow site.

So, if I start growing now can I legally grow my 12 plants? What happens if I get half way thru the cycle and a dispensary pops up..? Do I have to kill my plants? Truly heart breaking not to mention the expense and time involved.

Wondering if I would be grandfathered in since I got my plants going before a dispensiary popped up? Could I continue to grow and grow?

Next question. Assuming I couldn't grow if a dispensiary popped up but became a caregiver for a patient in say the four corners area with no chance of a dispensary popping up around them within 25 miles could I grow for them?!?

Thx in adv for any help. Yes I will use the search function more but so far I haven't found the answers I'm lookin for


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My situation is not like Yours but, I'm in Az in need of the card, the Doc's have bugged out and Everyone, like You is wondering what to do next. Bottom line I would not invest too much $$ or time in any of this until it all become clearer. IMO. Good luck !


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If You have the cultivation priviledges then you can grow until at least your renewal. At renewal time they will decide if you are too close to a dispensary to get another cultivation renewal. My room is built (8X8X8) & now to get it into growing shape !


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I think it's going to be some time before we see dispensaries here in AZ.
I've got a couple of patients and the grow is doing well.
If anyone needs a care taker shoot me an email.


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how many plants total can a caregiver grow? and for how many patients?

Also, if a caregiver is growing... how many ounces can the caregiver have on his/her property?

Its surprising how bad the Arizona site is for learning about their own MMJ program.


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12 plants per patient, up to 5 patients per care giver, each patient can have 2.5 oz.

which I understand to be:
If you (the care giver) had 5 patients you could grow 60 plants.
You could carry 2.5 x 5 which would be 12.5 oz..just under a lb.
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