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AZOS nitrogen fixing microbes from RTI Xtreme gardening


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hello fellow growers. i was wondering if anyone heard of Azos (azospirillum brasilum) nitrogen microbes that allow plant to recive nitrogen from atmospheric air. regular fresh air. ive been using it on several flowers tomato and bell pepper plants. since using for 3 weeks now. all plants have grown vertically and sideways 2 tomato plants are now 26 inches taller and branches shootingout but pointing up. it was 8 inches now almost 3 feet.
its manufactured by RTI-Xtreme Gardening. USDA stamped organic. derived from the amazon river when its all dried up. plants are unable to get nitrogen from the hardend clay, and survive by absorbing it from the air. our air contains more nitrogen than oxygen. its approx. $30.00 for six ounces of this powder. but worth evey dime i belive. google RTI Azos and check it out.
i figured id try it on 3 violet bushes before using it on kandy kush fem seeds.
they grw about 30 inches and left the neighbor hood smelling like violets.
i cant believe this powder its insane. im a little concerned about height now.
it also contains beneficial bateria and increases root growth by 300% they claim. its a catalyst producer that secretes IAA-3 indole acetic acid (hormone). its applied by folair. not sure how often.
ill be trying it out so ill take photos. im also going to be using dark energy by amercan hydroponics and tiger bloom. at the begining of veg. because the soil no longer needs nitrogen got 5 kandy kush seedlings right now about 5 days old.


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RTI also has powered co2 i believe its calcium carbonate. then mixed w/ water gives you CO2. RTI has some cutting edge shit. i just want people to know. im just your avg. grower i dont work for them. nobody
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