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B-Farm Lib Haze + Heavyweight Fruit Punch- 1st Grow.


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My first ever grow.
2 X Barney's Farm Liberty Haze and 1 X Heavyweight fruit Punch from Herbie's fem seeds.
Mainlined for 8 colas each.
In wardrobe with 2 X LG-G04B96LED 300 W LEDs.
Coco hand watered daily with 40% strength Nutrifield Coco A+B nutes.

19 days into flowering now. Was a bit concerned with the runoff pH dropping to pH 4.5 so I flushed the other day. I was starting to see the first signs of what I think was magnesium deficiency so I'm keeping the pH a little higher and adding cal + mag. Changed pH of nute solution from 5.8 to 6.1 and dropped the A+B nutes a little to prevent salting up.

My theory is lower strength nutes at every feed is better than stronger nutes every 2 feeds, and keep the coco moist. Aiming for stability and constant nute and pH levels. Now running 40% A + B nutes with extra P & K, Cal + mag, Seasol and Fulife.

The fruit punch is more fussy than the lib hazes. Will probably clone from the best lib haze.

Started frosting up on day 17. Any comments are welcome :)

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Those are some nice looking plants! I'm in week 5 of flower, but they are in the dirt outdoor plants and I'm still waiting for 12/12 to get here already so they will flower out way more! If only I could control the equinox!! It is a good feeling to look at all your hard work though huh!!?


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Cheers. Those pics were taken after a defol today. Any huge fan leaves and any leaves shading buds were removed. Buds seem to have enough smaller leaves now, so should have a positive effect overall. Getting good light to 90% of buds.

Yeah, pretty cool seeing my own plants starting to frost up for the first time :)


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So I did a flush, and I've raised the pH of my nute solution to 6.2. The run-off is still coming out low - around pH 5.1. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be concerned about the run off pH being so low?

I definitely had some mag deficiency showing, so hopefully adding cal + mag and raising the nute pH has fixed it.

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