B.I.D.'s Mysterious 8.0 Featuring? Come See If You Dare!

well here's the dealio im soon to be working with a yet to be announced sponsor and yet to be announced led light technology unlike anything i have seen anywhere on the forum an evolution of led i have studied some on the info and it is very compelling and may prove to be very useful, I have agreed to test and journal a system
its so new that the initial systems are still being built and the website is also not yet ready for traffic
so before the big reveal day ,
im going to layout the rest of what i'll be doing and using, no big surprises in the pots medium nutes etc,
im deciding still on the grow style i thought about scrog but i think for a first run test it best to keep them more natural and stick with some basic stuff like topping ,lst etc.
i have a wide selection of nutrients and additives i can use as well as different systems ,
but im inclined to use my favorite method "cocoganics" highly mineralized coco charged with organic nutrients and Mycorrhizae, nutrient and tea drenches, and topped off with some excellent foliar sprays, it's basically a high-brix style grow but im lacking a few of the supplies needed to make it official
and smartpots from 1-7 gal in size i also have a wide assortment of plastic pots,buckets, 1, 3 gal airpot
a new hydrofarm tomato barrel w/4ft tower, a diy aero cloner, diy ebb & flo system,and 4, 5 gal diy bubble bucket dwc systems, but i never seem to have much luck with hydro other than the cloner
and im very comfortable with coco always get my best results with it
the strains will likely be
ken estes Grand Daddy Purp reg
blue lemon reg
grape 13 reg (a new hazeman cross of grape stomper bx1 and G13)
blue cheese fem seeds i made
blue mystic fem seeed i made
and a few of my auto crosses
himalaya blue diesel auto
super blue auto diesel bx1
blue carmel fem cross auto
i was hoping the last 2 self fem cream caramel auto beans i had would pop but they looked a bit immature and have not come up
and sadly the 1 super snowdawg seed i had looks to be a dud
well im going to post this now and add details as i go and make decisions so it will likely be a bit slow getting going
but it will build momentum soon
im excited for the day i get to reveal these new lights:thumb:
re: B.I.D.'S Mysterious 8.0 Featuring? Come See If You Dare!

This is gonna be fun! You are hooking me on the LEDs BID. A standard grow sounds cool. It'll be interesting to see how well the LED light penetrates. You said the BigBud675 caused the lower buds to be more dense. It must be intense light.
re: B.I.D.'S Mysterious 8.0 Featuring? Come See If You Dare!

I'm excited to hear about these lights and watch this grow as well........ and on another note, I will start saving now.... for some reason i feel like i might be buying another light!!!!! ahahaha
re: B.I.D.'S Mysterious 8.0 Featuring? Come See If You Dare!

re: B.I.D.'S Mysterious 8.0 Featuring? Come See If You Dare!

I'm in, BID!

Hey BID,
I was waiting for you to start a new journal, I'm in.
I have read a lot of your posts and it seems your quite an intelligent fella when in comes to growing our favorite plant here. Glad I can follow from the start.
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