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BAC products, not sure how to use them


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I was given a bottle of "zeegras" kelp and a bottle of "BAC Daily" for free from my local hydroponic store, but the bottles have very little information on them. All I know is that I told my guy that I wanted to try adding kelp and micro organisms to my next grow and he said I can have these freebies. (Didn't realize till I got home that these freebies were so expensive, so that was a nice surprise )

Has anyone had any experience using either of these products? I assume the back daily is to be added daily, but it has the same instructions as the kelp product, and that just tells me the ratio. I'm also not entirely sure what BAC daily even is.

Also I've just put some seeds into a damp napkin with some rooting hormones sprinkled on top. Would it be beneficial to add the kelp and the daily microbes to my seedlings/ into my rockwool cube soak?
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