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Back after 25 years

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Hello to everyone. I am very happy to be able to connect with fellow Cannabis growers/users. I started growing Cannabis back in 1976, when I just got tired of dealing with the dealer types and decided to take matters into my own hands. At that time, I had 5 acres of land in the country and tilled up a patch that measured about 100 feet x 50 feet and grew 100 Columbian Gold and Mexican sativa plants, all of which reached about 12 feet by summer's end. Each spring, I hauled in about 2 tons of composted horse manure, added blood meal and bone meal (this also helped to keep the rabbits and deer away), and mulched the garden with about 2 inches of straw. Being in a Northern climate, not all of my first grow finished by the time I harvested them. The next year, I grew only 50 plants, from seeds of ones that had matured early the previous year, and they all finished beautifully. I continued this for another 4 years, until, in 1982, thieves discovered my outdoor garden. I then went into graduate school and was able to get by on what I had grown for 5 years, but eventually let it all go.

My wife underwent a complex surgery in 2003 that has left her with severe, unremitting, chronic pain. Fortunately, in Michigan, she has been blessed to become a legal medical marijuana patient, with myself as her caregiver, and together we are working on finding the best strain for her. She has responded well to cannabis and has reduced her narcotic use by about 50% compared to a year ago. We're still looking for that one best strain for her. It has been quite a journey coming back to this holy herb and I am amazed at how my consciousness slipped into the collective achievement oriented hypnotic trance after I had left it behind for almost 25 years. Having it back in my life, I feel like I have reconnected with my youthful vitality and refreshed my perception of the important things that can only be found in the present moment. I am deeply grateful to this little plant for its healing spirit and insightful take on my consciousness. I don't think I will be setting it aside until my last breath goes out.

I look forward to learning more from all of you.

elfstone :ciao: Hello how are you two? :welcome: :welcome:
Great Introduction, Thank you for sharing your story. :31:
I have to say you are not alone here, Many people are returning to this Wonderful Plant. :yummy:
I still can't get over your 5 year stash :yikes:, Great Growin'
Hey? Any luck on those Stoney Girl Strains?
I mentioned she Visits here often.
So you still using Soil?
Cannabis is surely Gods little gift, You will meet many people here who rely on her.
Any Questions you may have about this Community, I'm Here.
Wishing You and your Wife the very best.
Thanks again for saying hello to all here.
Hope to see around here alot. :thumb:
Greenest Regards. :peace:
Hi elfstone, nice name choice! :thumb:
:welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
1976, mine was 1969. :439:
Glad you joined us, also that you are a caregiver. We love caregivers!
Lots to read here, almost overwelming! :reading420magazine:
Growing indoors is a bit of a different story. No set it and forget it.
I'll see you in the forums.
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I have invested probably over 3K into our indoor operation. I have been educating myself diligently over the past year and feel I have learned a lot, though still way more to assimilate, I know! Every grow I learn something new. This is indeed a healing process, on many levels.