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Hi everyone,

For years I was a commercial grower with a 20 x 40 flower room and a 20x20 veg room. Fully sealed climate controlled set up.
About 5 years ago I decided to shut everything down.I had started a family and the risks became to great.
I now am legal so i've started a 4x8 tent for my personal meds. this is a very very basic set up compared to what im used to but im on a tight budget and since its for friends and personal use only im not trying to maximize yield.
I started from seed some 3 weeks ago and the rest 2 weeks ago so 5 plants are still seedlings.

Im running a 4x8x6.6 tent with 2 600w mh/hps lamps with air cooled hoods.
6 inch inline fan carbon filter combo vented out my chimney.
Passive cool air intake from my basement.


4 x Bc God bud fem
1 x wrecking ball kush reg (strain i created back in the day. Timewreck x 8 Ball Kush)
4 x Grand Daddy Purple reg
1 x Green Crack fem
2 x unknown bagseed

So thats about it I ll upload some pictures as soon as i figure out how to do it.
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Im sure people will be asking me what nutrients im running eventually. I am testing out a new line of powdered nutrients that hasnt been put on the market yet for a company ive been dealing with exclusively for years. They have asked me not tell anyone about the new line until it has been released.So I will respect theyre wishes and we will all find out together how well they work. The nutrients consist of a one part base nutrient that gets used from begining to the end of the grow, a bloom booster for once they go into flower, a powdered seaweed and a calmag additive if its needed.
Ive started very light feeding on all but the 5 smallest plants they seem to be taking it well so far.
Heres a few more pics I just took The larger plants are 3 weeks old from breaking soil and the 5 smaller plants are 2 weeks old.
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Hi everyone.
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here's a little update.
temp sitting around 80 degrees
r/h is around 50%
Its looking like I ll have to pic up another inline fan just for the lights. I can draw air from outside, pull it through the lights and right out the chimney. The other fan will be on the carbon filter. I ll run that 15 minutes once every half hr or so to replenish co2. then im going to hook up a small a/c in the room to help with temps a bit.its been around 80-85 degrees outside here this last week and im not happy with how warm the tent is getting. once I switch to flower and hps bulbs this wont be as much of an issue,hps do not put out as much heat as mh. I want the tent sitting around 75-78 degrees lights on.

So ive topped all but 5 plants so far and even supercropped the creen crack. shes the only sativa dominant and is already looking to stretch but i ll i ll shape her low and wide to try and keep a somewhat even canopy. I ve also started cleaning up any of the lower growth that wont be reaching the canopy.

thats about it for now i hope you enjoy the pics :)

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.