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In my 18 years of police experience, I never went to one call generated by the use of marijuana.

Why? Alcohol releases reckless, aggressive or violent feelings by its use. Marijuana use generates the opposite effects in the vast majority of people.

Every major study by the U.S. government has shown it not to be a gateway drug. Indeed, President Nixon's Shaffer Commission recommended it be legal, regulated and sold to adults.

Mr. Rice is a believer in the prohibition approach which has made pot much easier for kids to buy than alcohol. While he was wasting time on pot, I was arresting hundreds of drunk drivers, saving the lives of innocent citizens. I challenge him to name one substantive advantage of prohibition.

Howard J. Wooldridge

Retired Officer, Education Specialist

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Frederick, Md.

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New Member
When is the government going to get a clue, even the plice officers are agreeing with us. I agree it is easier for minors to find pot, very few of us started smoking when we became of age, and if that age is 21 I for one am still not that age. That aside we do not need kids smoking pot. I was 16 when I started and am not dissapointed, but the reality of the issue was one day I felt like trying it and within an houre I was! Had I wanted alcohaul instead I would have probibly not found it nearly as quick, maybe not even that day.


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Shit, i remember in middleschool i had more hook ups then i do now, it was literally easier to get weed then lighters & we actually had problems on a few occasions of having weed with nothing to light it. But, in all seriousness, prohibition is a very effective deterant against minors use ::sarcastically rolls eyes::
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