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Ok guys and gals, I'm looking for suggestions. The plant in the first photo seems to have stopped growing taller. Second photo is still growing taller albeit very slowly. Both are in about 6th week of flower. I'm kicking around the idea of using the process that has been described here as "backbuilding" to fatten up the buds. All thoughts, comments or suggestions are welcome. They are at the stage that some of the pistils are just starting to turn color so I figure I'm maybe 4 weeks or so from harvest. No color change of trichomes has been noted as yet. If I do use backbuilding, should I do it on all of the side branches as well or just the top cola. Plant total height is about 3 feet from soil level. They are getting a gal of RO water every six to eight days depending on soil moisture as measured with a sharpend standard pencil inserted to eraser depth as suggested by someone here. As a result of this process I am watering a bit less often than before. Watering includes 1.5 tsp of miracle grow bloom buster and 1 tsp of unsulphured molasses per gallon of water. Again, any and all comments and suggestions are cheerfully welcomed. And thanks to all who have responded with advice in recent weeks. I love this site and you guys are the best.

PS they appear glossy cuz every few days I NEEM the shit out of them. I have seen a few bugs, but they've been dead. Actually, you can see the neem water dripping off the leaves.


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Go into the search bar up top and type in backbuilding and it should come up. If not go to journals in progress and look for one of LA's journals on fluxing, they're easy to find. If not I'll link it here for you if you can't find it. Let me know
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